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My life has got to be about me, my decisions and efforts.

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I don’t need anyone to be complete.

I take Centrum. :)

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Heads UP! Fly high the UP Ravens way. 

Sa lahat ng mga taga-UPLB na marunong tumambling, magbuhat, mag-scorpion, mag-needle, mag-bow and arrow o kahit wala kang alam pero gusto mong subukan ang masaya at kakaibang sports na ito, eh di umattend ka ng orientation namin!

Hindi lang kami pam-pamilya, pang-isports pa! 

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OKAY. I downloaded a new recorder so this is the way I tried it. Sorry for my not so good voice. Frustrated singer lang. :))

I chose this song because I could’ve written this. That’s how this song hits me.

Brace yourselves for the full video on my next post. >:D

12:51 by Krissy and Ericka

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Deception at its finest: Ang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas


  • Pros of being an iska:

    • fairly cheap tuition for quality education 
    • Awesome, clean-aired campus
    • People accept one another. There are a bunch of weirdos and whatever but nobody really gives a rat’s ass since they’re all about being open and stuff. 
    • Social activism. You learn a lot about what’s happening around you
    • You develop a sense of independence and nationalism
    • You learn a lot of life lessons
    • You don’t get pampered so you can adapt to any circumstance and realize it’s sink or swim from now on
    • a million orgs to choose from
    • NO UNIFORM RESTRICTIONS (shorts,slippers, hell even BOXERS)
    • bragging rights. (HAHAJK)

    Cons of being an iska:

    • fairly expensive tuition for a STATE university (the top one, for that matter)
    • there can be TOO MUCH social activism. As in lahat nalang may rally. may aktibista dito doon blah blah HAHA
    • walang pondo 
    • You get lost even inside your own school. So sucks to be you if you have a bad sense of direction.
    • If you’re like me and you come from a christian/catholic high school, don’t be shocked if your faith is going to sound ridiculous to some people. Plus there’s no more constant prayer and glorifying of the Lord so if you don’t make an effort, your faith is gonna get lost, brother.
    • A lot of your teachers are gonna be too lazy to teach but still manage give death-hard exams. Also, they won’t care if you fail. You’re just another name on a class record. 
    • College can sometimes be lonely. Get used to it

    This is all I have so far. So, yeah. 

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Pang-ID pics :)) Di kasi natuloy yung simba namin.

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The first thing I want when I’m not alright. I need it now.

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